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л...I think that about DANGER we must talk more than like about just local band.
DANGER is a band of лEuropean quality╗.
Just listen last released CDТs of that kind of music and youТll understand that IТm right...╗
лZdorovo!╗ newspaper (Mogilev, Belarus).

 л...Stylistic is an traditional death/doom metal with all attributes of it: keyboards, brutal growling, female presence,
minor harmonies. Album is good recorded & engineered.╗
лOR╗ magazine #1(Brjansk, Russia).

 л...This band have not many differences from hundreds of any others English-singing blackmetal and other metal bands.
Devil is in lyrics, growling, heavy & doubled sound of guitars. лBut whatТs wrong here?╗ - you asked. I answer.
Female keyboards & sometimes neared to canonical hard-rock,
saturated & without stupid grinding arrangements like in songs лMy World Is..╗, лOnly Your Desire╗, лThe Silence╗.
But about лinner beast╗ guys havenТt forgotten..." 
Reviewed by OK in #47'98.

л...DANGER is an indisputable leader of death metal scene of Mogilev.
Experienced band that have many goodplayed gigs on their account.
That quintet sounds very saturated &
dense and central position of keyboards sounds very interest in hard death metal standards too.
DANGER has released their first album that, I think, has justified fans confidence and not was able to corrupt band reputation.
Album contains 6 tracks in their traditional minor spirits with original color of sadness on the background of harsh guitar sound.
And I must note that this melancholy canТt reduce the speed of music.
On the whole the end of composition is an logical completion of beginning...
I can tell more and more with pleasure but we havenТt many place here...╗
Reviewed by ANDRAS in #48'98.
лMuzykalnaja gazeta most popular musicnewspaper in Belarus.

   "By reading their flyers and watching their cover
I was expecting an other trendy shitty bands? But thatТs not that at all fortunately.
ThatТs interesting and original doom/death.
ItТs true that there is lots of keys but their are totally freezing and mournful,
thatТs not the commercial keys we often hear these days. ThatТs like a funeral wind.
ItТs a dark and sad demo, just as doom have to be! I also find some interesting melodies in this recording.
Even the technical guitar parts please me Сcose they suit well the music of DANGER and are not here just to be cool.
I find the whole demo interesting, varied and original. ThatТs band you can support!
The lyrics printed inside the booklet but itТs really too little and impossible to read...too bad. Good release!"
"Ocean morphique" 'zine (Saint-Dizier, France)

    "Don't believe to review in "Muzykalnaja gazeta"#47. It was just "some words to say something".
DANGER - it's something better from all I have heared at last year in extreme music... DANGER plays death metal...
of course they have some standart riffs&style but they have many innovations.
They force the freaks that looks not heavy and brutal beside sick intellect of DANGER out.
Don't take the lyrical veil as an God's miracle, it's veils something horror,endless and dangerous.
All 6 songs are exceptionally successful. Don't miss this MUSIC!!!
"Nemiga" newspapper #1(85)'99 (Minsk, Belarus)

   "...DANGER - dense death metal with support of keyboards.
I saw them on stage one year ago - now (14.03.99) progress of band is more than visible.
hile the veterans of death metal from Minsk are doing something incomprehensible,
the young bomber-acts like BLEEDING and DANGER makes the brutal music extended.
My opinion: DANGER are short in logical structurisation of arrangements.
Now their arrangements are too heavy for understanding."
Reviewed by MAN
лMuzykalnaja gazeta newspapper #11'99 (Minsk, Belarus)

   "...DANGER is  strong and good metal band. I think, "band" -
is not just a some musicians but is an peoples who understand each others and creates their music together.
And I think, DANGER IS the band...and very interesting band"
лMuzykalnaja gazeta newspapper #14'99 (Minsk, Belarus)
(from interview with coordinator of creative union "In calm whirlpoolЕ")

   "Well recorded, played and good edited first album of belorussian quintet is in best traditions world Doom Metal.
Some melodic riffs have reminded me why-that separate piece from IRON MAIDEN,
though on the plagiarism here to speak does not cost. Sorrow-sadness,
growling and violin, minor tunes - in general, all as is necessary and tastefully."
лOR╗ magazine #6'99(Brjansk, Russia)

    "...An Influence of MORBID ANGEL obviously hears in their music.
As a whole, group plays wholly decent ofdeath metal.
EXHUMATOR they donТt kick out  soon, but however... Who knows?"
Reviewed by Abigail
лMuzykalnaja gazeta newspapper #15'99 (Minsk, Belarus)

"You may think that M.O.B. has turned into some sort of East Europe promo Сzines
since it features so much Russian bands or bands from forever Russian states.
Nope, it ainТt true. But the East European bands know where to find us.
And IТm glad they know it Тcause this way weТre able to present you many great East European bands.
DANGER is no exception.
This 5-piece know how to make variating deadly metal with heavy and
atmospheric parts and with variating but mostly growling vocals.
There are 6 song in 40 minutes. The sound quality is good. It comes with a profi black/white cover."
лMaster of Brutality╗ 'zine # (Holland)

"This 6 track-introducing album come from the Republic of Belarus.
I can say that this is a strange material, what is not receptive easy at first,
but if you listen to it more than one, it might be your favourite.
It isnТt my favourite, but I often listen to it with pleasure.
Their style is doom/death with heavy (really heavy!) and original sound.
And what is worth to be known from the music: downtuned
grinding guitars, flying solos, moody keyboards, precise drums.
They build the songs from middle-tempo themes, but there are some faster and slower parts.
There are two singers in the band, 
Roman and Serg are changing each other on vocals, they sing clearly sometimes, and growl
sometimes. How can I describe the music with one word?
ItТs not worth to speak more about this music, the fanatics will buy it! It couldnТt be spoken, must listen to it.
This material is recommended to fans of Metal, doom, death and for all who love heavy but not brutal, moody music."
лAtheist╗ 'zine #3 (Hungary)

In the belorussian city Mogilev I had the honor visit several times, but, regrettably, journey.
Usually this happened this summer, when weather was beautiful,
sun gave us his rays on a platform of MogilevТs station, and nothing did not foreshadow thunderstorms.
However, as judged by the music an group DANGER, not all turns out to be so smoothly,
shone and cheerful on their land. Storm, alarm atmosphere shrouds their music.
Their demo'98 УЕWith Beast InsideФ is referred to the category already mildly forgotten by west,
but hitherto cultivated beside us severe, at all not weak death/doom with the stress on death exactly.
Material sufficiently packed both in composers and in the technical plan, and requires serious relations to itself.
In the music DANGER thereТs nothing what remembered with first times,
so it is necessary exactly to hear closely all 40 from spare minutes, but this, agree, not each on the shower.
Who not think that this is the backbreaking labor,
can hear pleasing sad to tunes (truth to trace them in instrumental drive not so-that and simply),
not bad are and guitars passages (including and gentile acoustic insertions),
in the many defining person of compositions, assured a growling of vocalist.
Sting that clean voice a command uses so seldom - in УSilenceФ it sounds enough interesting.
In general - a serious music.
Why-that exactly such determination is shown me the most approaching in this instance.
Serious music in careful performance, requiring "clever" listener.
лRaven╗ 'zine'999 (Smolensk, Russia)





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